Visit to Downtown Atlanta

I went for a visit to downtown Atlanta today and it was an interesting journey. The first stop was Underground Atlanta but it was closed. There were no signs posted as to why, but there were railings blocking all the entrances. So, I walk down Peachtree Street to Woodward Park and wouldn't you know it there was an event going on.
They had a small stage with a loud DJ and he was kicking out the jams. I walked through the crowd past the stage where a long set of tables were set up with food and I was able to happily grab a plate of barbecue chicken, with macaroni salad, rice, a large piece of watermelon, 3 cookies, and a bottle of water.
The event was a motorcycle group sponsoring a giveaway of free food and drinks to the homeless. On the Edgewood Avenue side which was closed off by a couple of police cars, there were 2 huge barrels cut in half containing racks full of chicken being smoked by a couple of big muscular men. There was enough there to feed an army.

The crowd was big…

One Michigan Winter

A Detroit Road Trip
My friend Mona and I decided to drive to Detroit in her husband’s black Camaro.She was married to my Cousin Ronnie whom she was mad at on this particular day, she never said why.Anyway, my boyfriend,Tommy, had been ignoring me for the past few days as well.I suspect that he was seeing another woman.So, we needed something to do to take our minds off our men.Even though it was late November and an ice storm had been predicted to come in that weekend, we chose to drive to Detroit anyway.

I drove first because we had decided that I'd drive up and she'd drive back.The Camaro was in pretty good shape for a change.That wasn't usually the case considering my cousin, it was one of the reasons why we took the chance.He had just replaced the tires and had had it tuned up so we figured it was a safe bet.Neither one of us had any plans or anything, we just wanted something to do outside of just sitting around Kalamazoo watching TV.
Ronnie was asleep because he work…

Writing - A New Freedom? Yes Indeed...

I'd given up destroying candy on my Android phone 6 months ago so I found myself playing a new game from Google Play called Toy Blast, developed by Peak Games.  I played it so much that I scored unlimited lives for 24 hours.  Which meant of course that I had to continue playing for as long as possible.  I played it so much that I actually won the tournament and scored 250 gold coins on top of the 60 that I already had.  I played it so much that when I meditated, I would see the blocks drop inside my head and I had trouble clearing my mind.  Once I won the tournament, I woke up and wondered, "Why am I playing this game so much?" The answer was simple, I didn't know how to begin this new life of writing, and I was afraid - very afraid.
I'd already done it though.I'd saved enough money to be able to pay my rent for 3 months along with providing for myself food, laundry, transportation, and anything else I'd need to sustain myself.I took the plunge and leape…

10 Reasons Why I Prefer the Kia Forte Over the Nissan Sentra

I drove full time for Lyft for about a year. First in the Bay Area with my base being in San Jose, CA. Then in the Metropolitan Area of Atlanta, GA. Because I switched home-based cities, I was able to drive two newer model cars working with Lyft’s Flex-Drive service. In San Jose it was the 2017 model Kia Forte, and in Atlanta it was the 2018 Nissan Sentra.

Both vehicles were tremendous in luxury for the passengers, easy to handle and tight on the road. But for a professional driver, there are a few items which for me made a big difference regarding the operation and use of accessories and needful things. Upon purchasing one of these vehicles, I would certainly prefer to buy the Kia Forte over the Nissan Sentra. Here are 10 reasons why.

1)The Trunk Release Button. On the Nissan Sentra, not only is the release button in an unusual place, behind and below the steering wheel where at first it couldn’t be seen. It was so frustrating trying to find it on that first airport trip. I had to li…

My Journey in Meditation

Any Quiet Place Will Do

First, I find a place where I can be still and quiet with no distractions. This could be in my room, on the beach, in the woods, out in the yard or even in my car parked away from other cars in a large parking lot somewhere in the city. I sit with my eyes closed and tell myself that I want to go to my secret place. I call it home. I prepare to take this journey in meditation with an uplifted heart, because I always feel such joy when I return.
Quieting my mind is the hardest part. I’m always thinking of something, and I must keep telling myself to stop. Even though I do this sometimes for 2 to 5 minutes thinking that it’s just impossible, I keep at it. Whenever a thought pops up, I say, “Be quiet, listen”. Eventually, my mind is still and I begin to listen to the sounds around me, or just to the quiet itself. The sounds of birds are a big draw as well as insects. They steady my mind.
Once my mind quiets down, I concentrate on the space around me. I can feel how…